Pro Mini Hoop


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Pro Mini Hoop

An indoor basketball hoop with the look, function and durability of a pro-grade basket. Mini basketball and over the door basketball will never be the same -- goodbye nerf basketball hoops. Pro Mini Hoop is perfect for the home, office or dorm. Complete indoor basketball set comes with 5" Mini Hoop Ball.


  • Includes pro-grade, spring-action break-away rim for slammin'
  • Foam padded slide-on door mounts
  • Includes 5" diameter Pro Mini Hoop Basketball
  • 9" diameter spring- action "break-away" steel rim
  • 18" x 12" clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard
  • Perfect for the basketball fanatics in your family
  • Easy assembly and mounting over-the-door
  • EAN: 831345004015

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