Mobility Bar


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Mobility Bar

The Mobility Bar helps create proper range of motion of the rotator cuff muscles and their support systems. It effectively adds shoulder mobility and flexibility, while creating the strength and stability needed to decrease the likelihood of injury.

  • Increases shoulder range of motion and flexibility
  • Helps improve shoulder strength and reduces the chance of injury
  • Ideal warm-up and recovery tool for overhead athletes
  • Interchangeable cables provide crucial resistance to movements
  • Put Your Game On Your Shoulders

    Designed for use with progressively increasing resistance cables for varied loads, the Mobility Bar guides shoulders through the movements that improve shoulder strength, stability and mobility.

  • Rigid for More Flexibility

    The Mobility Bar’s rigid design promotes the ideal posture needed to stabilize shoulders and create the mobility that helps reduce the chance of injury in key areas.

  • End the Asymmetry

    As a more advanced way to warm-up and train, the Mobility Bar helps athletes correct and reduce the asymmetry in their bodies that can diminish performance and contribute to injuries.


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