D-Man – Red


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D-Man – Red

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<p>Learn how to shoot or pass over or around the hands-up SKLZ D-Man defender for game-like action. The D-Man helps players navigate around the court while working dribbling, handling, shooting, and passing. With an adjustable telescoping pole (6.5&rsquo; to 8&rsquo;), you get varying defense options and your equipment grows as you do. Get the arc you need to get that nothing but net shot dialed in with the SKLZ D-Man.</p>

    <li>Learn to shoot or pass over or around the hands-up defending position</li>
    <li>Ideal for solo practice or team settings</li>
    <li>Portable, lightweight, sets up and breaks down easily</li>
    <li>Adjustable telescoping pole (6.5&#39; to 8&#39;) gives varying defensive options&nbsp;</li>
    <li>Base and ground stake included for stability</li>

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