Court Slidez


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Court Slidez

Featuring a low-friction, non-marking surface, Court Slidez are safe for hardwood, tile, courts and any smooth surface, letting you use your body weight to activate your core to build strength and flexibility with high-intensity, low-impact moves. The only thing left on the floor will be your hard-earned sweat.

  • Low-friction, non-marking core stability discs
  • Safe for all floors, including hardwood, tile and courts
  • Amplifies body weight exercises to activate your core and shoulders
  • Use to help increase strength and flexibility
  • Unique shape designed to reinforce functional movement
  • That’s not going to leave a mark

    Court Slidez are a great way to activate your core and get a low-impact, full-body workout in with minimal gear. The problem is a lot of them can markup hardwood or other floors. Featuring a non-marking, low-friction base, Court Slidez won’t mark wood, tile or other smooth floors.

  • Make your body weight work harder

    Court Slidez let you use the weight of your body to create the resistance and movement you need to activate your core, add shoulder and upper body strength, and increase your levels of fitness. They’re perfect for workout rooms, yoga studios, pilates centers, barre studios and even your home hardwood floor.

  • Comfortable, functional and hardcore

    With high-quality foam and comfortable, non-slip grips, Court Slidez are soft on your hands and feet. At the same time, their unique shape reinforces the functional movements key to increasing your performance.

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