D-Man Pro


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D-Man Pro

With fully adjustable arms, legs and heights, the D-Man Pro mimics a real defender. Replace your cones with a mannequin that’s ideal for any shooting, dribbling, passing, and attacking drills.

  • Innovative design with fully adjustable arms and legs
  • Ideal for shooting, dribbling, and passing drills
  • Adjusts in height from 5’ 5” to 9’ 5”
  • Low-profile base for more stability and player safety
  • Base weighs 5 lb
  • First Team All D

    The D-Man Pro features fully adjustable arms and legs, providing you with limitless positioning. It’s the perfect defensive partner for any coach’s dribbling, passing, and shooting drills.

  • Go big or small

    Adjustable from a height of 5.5’ to a towering 9.5’, the D-Man Pro can be positioned as a guard, forward or center, giving your players the next best thing to having a real defender in front of them.

  • Designed with players and coaches in mind

    A low-profile weighted base keeps the D-Man Pro stable and in place without tripping up players like cones might. And the D-Man Pro folds up easily for storage and travel.

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