Official Weight Control Basketball


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Official Weight Control Basketball

Die kleinere Größe des Official Weight Control Basketball verbessert die Kontrolle, in dem das Bewusstsein zum Ball und das Gefühl beim Dribbeln verbessert wird. Der Ball ist für Drinnen und Draußen geeignet.

  • Verbessert Ballhandling durch Bewusstsein und Kontrolle des Balles
  • Verbessert die Effektivität von Dribble Drills
  • Hochwertiges, synthetisches Leder und daher für drinnen und draußen geeignet
  • Der Ball hat einen Umfang von 56,5 cm
  • Training with the Heavy Weight Control basketball strengthens fingers, wrists, and forearms

    Stronger wrists and forearms make a stronger player

    The Heavy Weight Control Basketball is an essential addition to serious hoops training. At 3 lb, it’s ideal for strengthening fingers, wrists and forearms for greater control in ball handling and passing, along with making you stronger on the boards.

  • Training with the Heavy Weight Control improves dribbling, passing and rebounding

    Better handles. More game

    Better ball handling has a positive impact on nearly every aspect of a player’s game. The Heavy Weight Control Basketball is engineered to bounce identically to a regulation ball, but the extra weight makes it perfect for ball handling drills and just about any other non-shooting drill. The result is improved ball handling skills, and better all-around players.

  • Heavy Weight Control basketball bounces and reacts same as regulation ball, for more effective training

    Inside or outside, it’s all upside

    The Heavy Weight Control Basketball is constructed from high-quality synthetic leather giving it a familiar feel in your hands during dribbling drills. It’s durable and long lasting, and is perfectly suitable for training both indoors and out.

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